Origins, discover Ethnic Africa.


Many claim Africa is the cradle of humanity. Demonstrating that homo sapiens originated there 190,000 years ago is no easy task, but falling in love with this continent, its people and its culture is something that arises without power Control it.

This exhibition of photographs is a sample of this. Through its 15 images we will return to the origins of man, where everything originated and which remains the present and future of many ethnic groups in Ethiopia, Cameroon, Uganda, Niger, South Sudan, Angola and Benin.

There they left Miguel and Sandra, "A band of two", Antonio Espadas and Tomás López, and there they return whenever they can to verify that everything remains the same. The Suri, the Hamer or the Mundari are some of the ethnicities that we can know through this work.

All have in common a single and solid principle, "living in harmony with the environment and respecting their times". All his life revolves around nature, they are animists and their gods are representations of it.

With these images we will cover important issues in their daily life, such as the value they give to corporal beauty. We will see how the adornments they use in the ceremonies or scarifications that for men are granted as symbols of strength.

This way of life today is seriously threatened and about to disappear, given the pressure of Western ways of living, consumption and capitalism. Somehow ending the way of life of these ethnic groups is to end our origins.

Technical information:

15 photos with 50x70 foam support with your photo feet.



Sandra Ballesteros and Miguel Celis

Antonio Espadas

Tomás López Gálvez

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