Nakuru Lake National Park is possibly one of the most beautiful parks in Africa, located in Kenya.

Famous for the images of the famous film Memories of Africa where the protagonists flew over the lake, causing the thousands of flamingos that stain the pink lake to fly.

It is a small park compared to the Masai Mara for example, but the great life it has is one of the best reserves on the continent.

In it is the lake Nakuru, and around it extends thousands of hectares of savannah, with large acacias with great number of herviboros, among which the buffalo stands out.

But the jewel of this park are the white rhinos, unique in Africa with a large number of specimens, that when the day falls at sunset, they come to the banks of the lake to drink and eat the green grass, there they concentrate apart from The rhinoceros, a great number of birds among which the flamingos and the pelicans stand out, being a lake of salt water.

In their acacias they are easily found in great predator, the lion, especially raised in the trees.

One more gem of this fantastic continent.

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