In the south of Angola lives a town that still knows the true meaning of rain .......

From the plateau near the town of Chibia to the banks of the Cunene River, passing through the large arid areas of Iona and the Namib Desert, there are more than 10 different ethnic groups. Muhila, Mudimba, Mucubal, Muhimba, Muhacaonas, Mucuis, Handa, Koisan, Muhumbe. Despite having been virtually annihilated, they have kept alive their family traditions to this day. His life revolves around the breeding of cattle. All these ethnic groups give great importance to body decoration, using colored beads, metals, etc., mixed with furs and mud creating amazing decorations.

They are matriarchal societies, the children belong to the family clan of the mother, are circumcised at about 8 years. All the children who participate at the same time in this important celebration, are united for life in a group of age and have the duty to help each other the rest of their lives.

They practice a cult where the cow is a sacred animal and center of many ceremonials, try to avoid burials with members of other ethnic groups.

* "" In southern Angola lives a people who still know the true meaning of rain.

And, just like us, tradition is always walking .... Our people came from the east, from there, from Calundo Cambete, a long, long time ago. We are one family, it is the same as Muhimbas, Muhacaonas, Mudimbas ... we are The same people.

We were divided by our customs and labors, by the pronunciation of the mouths, we are different communities, but until today our customs are maintained ... and we have decided that our tradition is not going to die ...... "

* Words of Soba muhimba, Mutili Mbendula.


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