Between the border of Nigeria and Cameroon are the Alantika mountains, whose name means "where Allah has not come" a real paradise with forests, rivers and waterfalls, really a spectacular landscape, in them have been isolated for 200 years a truly incredible town , The Koma. They hid in these mountains escaping the conquest of the Muslims 200 years ago. There are two types of Koma, teka-teka and maya-maya, the latter still retain their traditions intact, as well as their animist beliefs.

Their isolated situation makes them live as 200 years ago, despite the pressure of the Cameroonian government and the Christian missions that are in the valley of Faro.

To get to this isolated place you have to walk several hours through fields of baobabs, and large fields of corn and millet, climbing the steep slopes of the Alantika mountains.

The village to which we arrived with the name of Lugga, is a true paradise, just after arriving we find the women and children who with the greeting "Maya-Maya" welcome us to their village.

The women are dressed with fresh leaves that remake every day with which they cover their genitals, their food is based on millet, they have small plantations that take care of all the year watching every day so that the baboons do not eat the harvest . The circular houses built of mud and straw with their small pantries of millet and the roads marked with stones makes of Lugga a dream.

One of the things that surprised me about the Koma is the equality between the sexes as both are engaged in agricultural tasks and childcare.


After 3 days living with them, they taught us many values ​​that in our society have been lost, the value of belonging to a group, solidarity, sharing and working for their people.


The Koma people are one of the ethnicities less contaminated by the white man, and with an incredible fragility, so I hope the Koma and his paradise "Lugga", follow their path, the way they want.

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