"They took refuge in the Guera Mountains, fleeing the Wassai and Baguirmi incursions, forming the Hadjeray group. There is a group that lives in the mountains committed to them and their geniuses "Margay", this town is inhabited by the Dangaleat. In these hidden villages of the central mountains of Chad festivals are organized to honor these geniuses ", words of the French photographer Michel Huet, who during the 50s made several trips to the Museum of African Arts, one of them reached these mountains Looking for these towns of Chad.

He found a magical place, the hidden village called Korbo, was with his wife for several days and was able to photograph and contemplate their festivals and daily life based on the cultivation of cereal and livestock. He noted that the women were already dressed because of Islamic pressure, but were able to photograph them with their traditional ornaments and uncovered torso.

When we were preparing the itinerary to Chad, Joan Riera, who led the trip told us about this discovery and its beautiful history so we decided to go in search of this lost place in the mountains of Chad Guera, to see what was left of that town, If he was still standing, if he was still inhabited, etc.

We located the village and just parked the cars, the men of the town came to greet us, went out to meet us the king with his entourage and invited us to camp in their domains under his protection. That same night we explained our interest in his town, his history and traditions studied through the writings and photos of Michel Huet.

The next day we were introduced to the elders of the place who remembered this Frenchman and his visit. We showed the old women the old photos, where they could see in their youth dancing in the ceremonies.

The Chief of the Mountain led us to the sacred mountain where his ancestors are buried. Sacrificing a hen, blowing a trumpet and singing, they called the spirits to welcome us.

We were summoned again at dusk, for they were going to call all the Dangaleat. Dozens of people began to arrive from the mountains and markets, men dressed in feasts with their weapons, and women adorned with their ancient jewels. The music began to ring and around the sacred tree of the village began the dances , All this contemplated by the royalty of Korbo.

The magic arose, Korbo is still alive.

My thanks to Joan Riera for making magic arise in any corner of Africa.


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