In the southwest of Ethiopia, bordering Sudan and Kenya, lies a huge region, the Omo Valley.

A rainy climate with large mountain ranges and large savanna regions, crossing the Omo Valley, lies the mighty Omo River that gives life to this region.

In it inhabited for millions of years ethnic groups that in the XXI century continue to live as their centers.

Surmas, Mursis, Karo and Hammer, all very different but have in common their way of life, based on livestock.

They were nomadic until much of them settled on the banks of the Omo River and other populations in the neighboring Lake Turkana in Kenya.

Their subsistence based on livestock, from where they get most of their food, huge herds of cows, where they get their meat, milk that together with blood is the basis of their food as well as small fruits looking in the jungle.

Strong people, both men and women, who are governed in a pyramidal manner and live together peacefully outside the governments of the country where they are.

In fact, often Surmas or Karos men, marry Hammer women, being these stronger than the women of their ethnic group.

Getting to where these ethnic groups are is very complex since there are no roads and it takes several days to reach them, that being with them some time, they make you feel one more, kind, respectful, as long as you behave with them With respect.

A great experience to contemplate how in the XXI century there are still people who live like millions of years ago, man lived on earth.


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